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Eco-Friendly Electric Utility Carts in All Areas with a Rich Design Variety

  • 2021-09-14
Eco-Friendly Electric Utility Carts in All Areas with a Rich Design Variety

PILOTCAR, the leading brand in the field of electric utility carts, has achieved very important productions and successes in the sector by an experienced team specialized in electric vehicles. In the production process, today's technology has been utilized in the most efficient way and care has been taken for maximum quality.
The most important feature of Pilotcar PC-2, PC-4, PC-6, PC-W, PC-A, PC-H models is that they are environmentally friendly at the maximum level. The most economical and efficient models are produced by using the required engine power in our electric utility carts, which are produced with very sensitive workmanship. Electric utility carts can be used safely in all areas closed to traffic and are environmentally friendly.
Electric golf vehicles under the Pilotcar brand range from two people to six people, also our PC-W brand which is a very practical vehicle for carrying loads, besides PC-H for the disabled and PC-A models as mini ambulances.

Two and Four Person Electric Utility Carts

Two-person vehicles are generally preferred for practical, fast and easy transportation within the site, golf courses and factories. Four-person models are generally preferred by security guards to perform their routine tours. However, it is very suitable for all kinds of emergency transportation or individual use.

Six-person Electric Utility Carts

Six-person electric utility are generally preferred in areas such as holiday villages, airports, factories, hospitals, golf courses, sightseeing and transportation in touristic areas. Since they are electric, they can be used on flat areas and roads with very low slopes.

A Brief History of Electric Golf Carts

The first golf cart produced was a handmade cart in 1932, which later became quite popular with people with disabilities. It was in the early 1950s that people started using them on golf courses. Electric utility carts hit the trails for use in 1951. Industrially produced fueled these utility carts came onto the scene in 1971 and aroused considerable interest. Currently, it is possible to see both fuel and electric cars in many golf courses. Today, golf carts aren't just used on golf courses, either.
To cite some different uses, it includes small communities. but is not limited to this. For instance; Small towns and villages in Florida are used 50,000 cars just to get around. Electric utility carts are also used in campsites, apartment complexes, farms, private storage facilities, beaches, large warehouses, among those interested in hunting, or just for personal purposes.

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