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Electric Utility Vehicles

  • 2021-10-02
Electric Utility Vehicles

Recently, many electric vehicles have started to be produced in various fields. Among these vehicles, very practical electric utility vehicles, which are very useful to today's people and society, have also found their place. Today, these products are used in various sectors and their usage areas are quite common. E.g; It is widely used in areas such as hotels, hospitals, garbage collection and cargo. They are comfortable and practical to use, and they are very useful tools both in carrying and performing various tasks. As PILOTCAR, some of our models within the scope of our company's electric utility vehicles are as follows:
For this model electric utility vehicles, workplaces and institutions do not require operators. Electric utility vehicles are among the equipped vehicles that perform their functions in a very wide area in a short time.

Electric Garbage Collection Vehicle

This model, one of the best alternatives, has a high maneuverability of the electric garbage collector. It is time-saving and practical for emptying the garbage containers in narrow streets, but it also saves you money. Our electric utility vehicles are the most ergonomic ones. In crowded and big cities, narrow areas that conventional garbage trucks cannot enter are cleaned with these electric utility vehicles and garbages can be collected without waiting. Especially in the category of service vehicles of metropolitan municipalities, these electric utility vehicles must be found. These electric utility vehicles, which attract attention with their environmentalist side and being nature friendly, have become a part of our changing world. Since it does not work with fuel, it offers a very comfortable use and is an extremely economical vehicle that does not force the user.

Electric Patient Transport Vehicle

Another of our electric service vehicle models is the electric patient transport vehicle. These vehicles are extremely useful and practical products. They are products that work both silently and without vibration, and they are very useful. You can use these vehicles in hospitals, as well as in factories, infirmaries and similar places, in areas such as patient transport and transportation. You can also use it in nursing homes, homes for the aged and medical centers. It is suitable for professional use. It is one of our products with very ideal prices.

Benefit from PILOTCAR Technology

As a company, we take care to offer people the best electric utility vehicle models. These vehicles, which can be called the best of technology, are products that will allow you to be one step ahead of your competitors in the business world. Thanks to these high-quality tools, you can do any job in a short time.

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