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Meet The Superior Electric Golf Cart Features of the PILOTCAR

  • 2021-10-10
Meet The Superior Electric Golf Cart Features of the PILOTCAR

Electric Golf Carts

Electric golf carts: Being one of the most striking innovations in the automotive industry, electric golf carts, which are one of the nature-friendly electric vehicles, have been years away from being used only on golf courses today. Our vehicles, which are available in the private sector and most of the public spaces as well as for individual use, provide ease of use with their ergonomic design and nature-friendly vehicle. It is one of the most preferred vehicles in our country and in the world. We have electric golf carts, which are used in almost every sector that you can think of, such as in cargo, transportation, municipalities, construction, industry, customs, terminals, sea buses and docks, airports and of course golf courses. We also have models that can go to traffic and vehicles that are most suitable for individual use. Considering the needs, we both develop and expand our product range. Every car produced with optional use is both environmentally friendly and has the convenience and comfort that people can easily use. In our special models produced for disabled people, as Pilotcar, we produce stylish vehicles that draw attention to the details in terms of design, while fully revealing the sensitivity of our company.


Global warming poses a threat to the whole world, and it is possible to reduce the carbon footprints we leave in nature by turning to nature and environmentally friendly technologies. Since electric golf carts use electricity, they do not cause any harm to the environment, and they do not cause noise and air pollution. Thus, you can use it all day long without harming the environment and people, without disturbing anyone.

Time and Money Savings

While electric golf carts increase the standards of working quality, they also lighten the worker load. As it is designed for needs, it is resistant to difficult conditions, but it is kept well above the standards in terms of functionality. It is a fact that electric golf carts provide a great advantage in terms of environmental and financial issues. As this is the case, electric golf carts have also started to become quite common in recent years. Electric golf carts have far fewer spare parts than cars with internal combustion engines.
Although it seems high cost when purchasing electric golf carts, this will pay off very quickly in terms of usage cost. Remember, oil used by an internal combustion engine is a much more costly and expensive source of energy than electricity.

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