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The Evolving Technology of the Changing World Electric Utility Vehicle

  • 2021-08-15
The Evolving Technology of the Changing World Electric Utility Vehicle

The electric utility vehicle has become a new part of the changing technology. The automobile industry, which has to undergo a major change in the world, has begun to be produced and sold electrically not only in passenger cars but also in service vehicles.

These types of vehicles, which can work for a long time with a 100% charged battery, provide many benefits both with their environmental protection and their financial returns.

In addition to the vehicles produced by PILOTCAR and with permission to go to traffic, it serves a wide range of customers with specially designed vehicles in areas closed to traffic.

Differences between Electric Utility Vehicle and Gasoline Vehicle

• Electric vehicles provide a greater advantage compared to vehicles operating with an internal combustion engine, as they operate with much less component mechanism.

These advantages return positively, since the costs incurred within the framework of this process, especially for parts that are found in gasoline-powered vehicles and need to be frequently maintained, replaced or controlled, are not in question in electric vehicles, due to the low number of parts.
  • When these two types of engines are evaluated in terms of take-off speed, take-off speed is slower than electric utility vehicles due to the complex and multiple systems found in internal combustion engines.

  • Although electric utility vehicles seem unfavorable because they are more expensive than vehicles operating with other types of engines, these types of vehicles are more efficient and useful in the long run.

  • Although internal combustion engines have more mechanical parts, electric utility vehicles are heavier than the batteries they contain.

To mention the reason why electric utility vehicles are more expensive; The production costs are higher than the vehicles operating with other types of engines.
Since the batteries used in electric vehicles are expensive compared to today's conditions, their preference rates are lower despite the many benefits provided by low-budget consumers.
PILOTCAR, which is the first name that comes to mind when it comes to electric carts and electric utility vehicles, is also loved and loved due to its domestic production. It is ahead of its competitors on a sectoral basis and continues to lead the sector with the visionary and creative perspectives of its experienced, well-equipped employees.

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