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What Are Electric Utility Carts and What They Are Used For?

  • 2021-08-29
What Are Electric Utility Carts and What They Are Used For?

Electric utility carts; electric golf carts are freight and transport vehicles that can serve many purposes, facilitate your work with different usage areas, save energy and time, and do not pollute the nature using electricity. After being used in golf courses, its ease of use has been discovered and its use is increasing more rapidly in public spaces, private sectors, hospitals and schools, cemeteries and funerals, shipyards, airports and many other places.

What Are Electric Utility Carts ?

We would like to remove the question marks in mind by defining electric golf cars. Electric utility carts; It is a small vehicle designed to transport two golfers and golf clubs with less effort than walking around a golf course or on desert roads. This is the definition used in the dictionaries. This is the purpose and story of its origin. Later, these vehicles were developed, increasing the person capacity and widening the load area. It has attracted attention in terms of using these vehicles in different areas, making them more efficient by carrying more people and having more load area.
In the early days, these vehicles were designed with gasoline. At the beginning, this did not pose much of a problem. However, gasoline powered vehicles started to cause a serious waste of energy and environmental pollution in terms of the increasing number of uses, the unconscious consumption of energy resources and the costs they incur.

This paved the way for changing designs and experimenting with new technologies in electric utility cars. PILOTCAR has used and started to produce electrical energy in the production of these vehicles without wasting any time in this regard. This has provided both energy saving and ease of use. In addition, the fact that it produces local products emphasizes the importance of our brand to all of us.

Our brand, which offers the opportunity to charge these vehicles at all sockets in areas such as homes or workplaces or in public places without any special conditions, guarantees that your vehicle will reach full charging capacity after 6 to 8 hours of charging time.

The total cost to be spent during this charging will reach an average of 1 $ in today's conditions.

This reveals how much you save with electric utility carts. When the full charge capacity is provided, these vehicles reach an average speed of 50 mi, depending on the road conditions. If we make an evaluation in the light of this information, the efficiency of these vehicles is at the highest level.